Why Pancreatic Cancer is Dangerous

Among different deadliest diseases of the world one of the renowned names is of pancreatic cancer. Cancer itself is a threatening disease but this particular form of cancer is the worst of all diseases because dangerous impacts that it shows on the patients. There are three reasons why this disease is considered to be life threatening one is the inability of the symptoms to appear in the initial stages, second is the lower survival rate which is less than 5% for the time period of five years and thirdly the time and money involved in treating pancreatic cancer patients.
There has been an enormous amount of progress made in the field of medicine many of the diseases that were incurable in the past can be easily treated with the help of new ways of treatment. But there is still a room for improving the sufferings that a patient of this disease experiences. The survival rate of the disease is 5% which is a threatening fact but in past it was lesser then that. There are many treatment methods to cope with this cancer available but they are unable to reduce the uncertainty associated with this disease. According to HIRSHBERG foundation for pancreatic cancer research almost 44,030 people are diagnosed every year with this disease and among them 37,660 cannot survive this disease. The survival rate of this disease has not increased for almost forty years now. Many medical research companies and cancer organizations are working on this disease to come up with new treatment ways to ensure a reasonable survival rate.
One of the major cause that this disease is considered to be the most fatal is that its symptoms do not appear at the beginning of the malignancy. Majority of the patients are diagnosed at that time when the tumor in the body has reached the development phase. This thing makes it difficult to diagnose this disease at the initial stage which creates complications in the treatment. It is also called as a silent killer for the fact that it cannot be caught at the beginning and it keeps on killing the patient’s body without becoming noticeable.
The growth of the tumor of this disease is rapid and it is hard to stop if the treatment is not made at the appropriate time. It basically affects the pancreas which is present in the abdomen and it helps the process of digestion. If the pancreas becomes the house of these cancer cells than with the passage of time these cells try to affect the other body organs which are near the pancreas. This cancer cells have the tendency to transfer into different organs. The success of treatment depends upon the fact that how much is the growth of cancer. If it is restricted to the pancreas only there than curing the patient through treatment through treatment is relatively easy. When the timorous cells are being penetrated into different organs of the body chances of successive treatment are decreased.
Stages of pancreatic cancer are categorized on the bases of spread of the tumor. There are mainly four stages of the cancer Stage 1, stage2, stage3 and stage4. Stage 1 and 2 are comparatively easy to treat because the growth of the tumor is not spread widely. Stage 3 and stage 4 are more complex. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are the methods of treatment. Surgery cannot be applied in stage3 and 4. Stage 4 is regarded as the most dangerous stage in which most of the patient cannot make it. The treatment at this stage is only to make the suffering of the patients reduced.

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