Common Dental Problems

Dental Care is very important and dental problems are not at all fun, but most of the dental issues can be simply protected. Brushing regularly two times in a day, regular dental checkups, eating properly and flossing regularly are important in protecting dental issues. Here in this article we will lay out some of the common dental issues, mentioned below:

Common Dental Problems:

Bad Breath:

Bad breath is also mentioned as halitosis and this condition can be embarrassing. Many investigators mentioned that approx 80% of people with constant halitosis have a bad dental situation. Cavities, bacteria on tongue, oral cancer, gum disease and dry mouth are some of the dental issues that can affect bad breath. Utilization of mouthwash to mask the halitosis when a dental issue is present will only cover up the smell and not treat it. If you are having chronic halitosis, so it is very essential to consult your dentist to deal with these dental issues.

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is also named as cavities, is one of the most common problems. It happens when plague, the sticky materials that generates on teeth merge with the starches of food or sugars we consume. This mixture forms acids that hit tooth enamel. The great way to deal with this dental problem is by brushing two times in a day, regular dental check ups and flossing daily. It is also very essential to consume healthy diet and also avoid drinks and snacks that include high sugar.

Gum Disease:

It is said that periodontal diseases is also called as gum diseases, is associated to heart strokes or attacks. This periodontal disease is a disease in the gums near the teeth. It is one of the essential causes of tooth loss. There two main phases of gum disease gingivitis and periodontitis.

Mouth sores:

There are various different kinds of mouth sores and this issue can be irritating and troublesome. But if mouth sores lasts for 14 days, it is normally nothing to concern about and will fade away on its own such as fever blisters, ulcers, thrush, cold sores and canker sores.

Tooth Erosion:

Loss of tooth structure is also tooth erosion which is happened due to acid violent the enamel. The main signs and indications can vary from sensitivity to more serious issues like cracking. This dental problem can be treated easily.

Tooth sensitivity:

It is also very usual issue that happens to many people. You may experience discomfort or pain to teeth from cold air, ice creams, cold drinks, hot drinks and sweets. People with this problem even feel stress from flossing and brushing.

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