How to Have a Beautiful Summer Tan Year Around

Each spring, almost all women start planning how they are going to get their tan started for the summer. There are a few ways women can make themselves tanner for the summer. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. One option individuals have when trying to begin their summer glow is to go to a tanning bed, usually one or two times per week. Another way to tan is to purchase home tanning lotions that are usually available at any kind of drug store or grocery store. Women are also able to go to a salon where they will spray on tan lotion for you.

Lying in a tanning bed is one of the most popular ways that people attempt to get themselves tan for the summer season. In order to keep the tan for a longer period of time, people usually go once or twice a week, depending on the skin tone. One of the biggest positives a tanning bed is that people get the same kind of sun exposure in the bed that would get if you were actually laying outside in the sun so, this will probably give the person the most natural looking tan. Also, the tan from a tanning bed also has the most chance of lasting than any of the other options. One of the disadvantages of a tanning bed is that is can be really hazardous to the individual’s health. The reason being is that the person is still exposed to UV rays that the sun would give off and most people do not use sunscreen in the tanning beds; therefore, people put themselves at a higher risk for getting skin cancer and eye cancer from a tanning bed. Also, if the beds are not cleaned properly, people can get infections such as ringworm and lice. Make sure that you are only using reputable places.

Using self-tan lotion from a drug store or grocery store is probably the next most common way to get a tan. These kinds of lotions usually do not give the most natural look, so when choosing a lotion people need to pick carefully to make sure the tan is not too dark or too light for the skin tone. Another positive about getting this kind of lotion from a drug or grocery store is that it is much cheaper than going to a tanning bed or going to salon to get a spray tan. One of the drawbacks to using these lotions is that they do not give the most natural looking tan. One other issue is that the tan does not last as long as the tanning bed tan or the spray tan.

Finally, probably the least popular way to get a tan, is to go to a salon and receive a professional spray tan. One advantage of a spray tan is that a professional at the salon offer assistance to aide the client in selecting a color tan that is best fit for their skin tone, so they have a pretty natural look. A couple of the negatives of spray tans are that they are the most expensive and they usually do not last as long as the tanning bed tans.

There are a fair amount ways people can get beautiful, natural looking tans for the summer seasons. Each of the few ways also have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on what kind of tan people want and how long they want the tan to last.

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