Intravenous Nutrition Therapy Sydney – A Quicker and Effective Process for Assisting Optimal Health

Intravenous nutrition therapy Sydney plays a vital role in recovering from debilitating illnesses. It is a method of feeding vitamins, and minerals directly into the patient’s blood stream. By passing the digestive system is a major advantage of intravenous nutrition as high doses cannot be tolerated taken orally. Nutrition plays a minor role in conventional management of many of the chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes , Arthritis etc. Hence often not much attention is paid to the value of nutrition in the current medical model. Intravenous Nutrition is finding a strong hold in the management protocols to complement current cancer treatments. Some integrative medical practitioners take specialized training in delivering intravenous nutrition therapy.

It does not matter whether you are suffering from a major illness like cancer or minor illness like glandular fever, adrenal fatigue, post partum depletion, or acute viral illness, what matters is supportive treatments that assists the bodies own self regulating mechanisms and the valuable ways to remove the obstacles to cure. Intravenous nutrition therapy offered at Sivanna Health in Sydney is providing such a service . Intravenous therapy also helps to assist intracellular nutritional deficiencies which is essential for restoring mitochondrial function the powerhouse of each cell. It helps provide powerful antioxidants in higher doses to mop up damaging free radicals.

By taking correctly guided, nutritionally dense foods and regular physical exercise may be all that is required to live a healthy and prosperous life. As Hippocrates the Father of Medicine stated, “make food your Medicine”. There are still many diseases that modern science does not have all the answers to, and is based on the outcome of ongoing research which can take a very long time. Often we need to turn to Nature for its many solutions. Nutrition holds the key to recovery to many modern chronic illnesses, especially with cancer and cardiovascular disease. The more aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy have a tendency to leave the patient nutrient depleted . The process of treating cancer does well when an integrative medical approach with modern medical intervention and often a personalized nutritional plan is offered, rather than one size fits all .

Nutritional and environmental medicine takes into consideration nutritional and environmental factors that influence human biochemistry and physiology. The modality is evidence based and involves the latest biomedical and genetic science and explores new treatment pathways towards disease and illness. The presence of environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies in the human body may result in cellular dysfunction leading eventually to disease or illness. Treatment is carried out for correcting underlying causes and providing symptomatic relief as well in the acute phase of the illness.

This may include removal of toxins , a restrictive diet and supplementation with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and herbal formulas according to individual requirements. Nutritional and Environmental medicine is often responsible for fulfilling the needs required to enhance recovery and achieve optimal health. “All animals get their food directly or indirectly from plants, and all plants get their food from the soil. Therefore, mineral-deficient soil may be one of the greatest original sources of disease in the world today.

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