Adding Fucoidan To Your Diet Can Help Prevent Cancer

Medicine is always pushing to make new strides and there are millions of scientists worldwide devoted to figuring out how the body works on a molecular level. Finding products that work in a targeted way is always a goal in combating illnesses like cancer and while there are a number of synthesized compounds being created, science is finding that going back to nature can yield interesting results. Proteins and molecules exist with a purpose and more are being discovered that work to heal the body and one of those compounds is fucoidan.

This compound is actually a part of the cell wall and gives seaweed its shiny luster. It is classified as a type of sulfated polysaccharide and science is finding out how much it can actually do. A Japanese study looking at angiogenesis found that fucoidan exhibited actions that went against angiogenesis. This is a boon to cancer research simply because angiogenesis is the main mechanism that tumors use to grow by growing veins.

Additional studies have found that this compound induced apoptosis in lymphoma cells. Apoptosis is most simply defined as cell death. The exact mechanism of how the two types, F-fucoidan and U-fucoidan, act on tumor cells to lead towards either decreased vascularization or cell death is being figured out.

The exact ways in which these effects happen aren’t known, but science is working to figure this out. Immune stimulation of natural killer cells and tumor necrosis factor alpha have a hand in apoptosis and anti-proliferation. Working directly on the cell, it as been found to act on NF-kB and AP-1, two proteins that are involved in cell death and proliferation respectively.

Stopping a tumor from proliferating and growing is great, but how about stopping it from metastasizing or spreading? Well, fucoidan has been found to also have a role in this. It stops a tumor cell from being able to anchor to any surface in the body and without being able to anchor, there is no growing it can do. These are just some of the ways in which this compound is amazing, but science is still working out what else it can do and how it can be worked into treatments.

That does not mean it is not effective in helping the body. Research supports a role for it in a variety of health ailments. Historically, eating brown seaweed was thought to help with allergies, inflammation, hypertension, as well as infection caused by bacteria or viruses.

Foods that are good for your body in specific ways is not a new concept. In fact there is a giant push for pomegranates as a superfood, but unlike the more well known foods, fucoidan has a wealth of research behind it and cancer research to boot!

Why not take it in the hopes of preventing cancer? There are no side effects to its ingestion and so if you’re interested in adding this compound to your daily regime, getting some Limu Plus may be in the cards for you. This drink is a cocktail that also includes aloe vera, green tea and other minerals.

With such a large body of supporting data behind the health effects of fucoidan, as well as the fact that there are no side effects to its consumption there is nothing stopping. Add one more protective measure to your diet and consequently your health, today!

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