An Understanding On Night Time Sweats

A medical condition in which an individual suffers from extreme sweating during sleep is known as night sweats. The sweating may be present even in the case when the temperature in the room is cool enough and the person is not in too many bed sheets. Moreover, flushing that is redness on the neck and chest may be experienced.

The condition may be so severe that the person may get completely drenched in sweat. However, it is not a serious medical problem. It is quite common and a number of people may go through it due to different reasons.

The basic causes of how night sweats might begin are various and may differ from each individual. This is exactly why the practitioner who is dealing with such a case should make it a point to study the individual’s medical history, and reach to a conclusion of what caused it.

The reasons why night sweats may start taking place consist of medicines, infections and different cancers. In women, a common cause is menopause, which leads to hot flashes which usually are linked to night sweats.

Moreover, idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a state experienced by a person that causes extensive perspiration. The levels of sweating may exceed the ones required to maintain a specific temperature of the body.

Tuberculosis, AIDS and cancer are the most commonly linked factors with night sweats. The type of cancer that is usually the most responsible for night sweats is Lymphoma.

In case there is an absence of other conditions that can be interrelated to night sweats, such as infections or the growth of tumors, there is a likelihood that some drug has caused side effects. Such drugs that can lead to night sweats due to a side effect that has taken place include anti-depressant and drugs being used by people on psychiatric help. Drugs such as aspirin may also be responsible, which is usually taken by people who are suffering from high fever, so that it can be brought back to the normal temperature.

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