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Fight the overweight

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admin 17 October, 2009

I have to admit that apart from the chronic pain and taking all these drugs I have one more big problem. And the word “big” seems to be very suitable in this situation. I mean that I have problems with my weight. I would really like to lose some weight. This thought comes to me usually when I look at myself in the mirror.
Obesity is even worse when you have joint problems. The extra weight causes extra pain. It’s like you have to lift some additional pounds of groceries or something else. And you can’t just leave this weight in the kitchen. You have to carry it with you through the day, every day in a week. And I know I should lose a few pounds to just feel a little bit better. Through all these years of my disease I tried may various diets. And I know that some of them are completely useless. But I have also found my own way o losing weight which really works.
The first and the most important rule is that you have to eat when you are on diet. Many people think that if they eat less they will lose weight quickly. But it’s not true. When you are starving our body has to protect us and slows down the metabolism. As you can see there is no point in not eating at all. You just have to know which products are good and healthy for you and which are not. The best diet consists of many various and low-fat products.
If you want to be on a diet you have to be totally certain about that. If your resolution is true then losing weight will be much simpler. You should ask yourself what is the biggest threat to your diet and then remove it. For example, I have always problems with little snacks between the main meals and that’s why I try to remove all chips, cookies and other sweets out of my house. You know, everyone has his own secret places where such things are hidden. Before starting a diet you have to get rid of all sweets. Sometimes the temptation is great but if you don’t have any sweets at home then you won’t eat them. 
In the past being on a diet was a real problem. There were little products for people who wanted to lose their weight. Such people had to get used to one or maybe two low-fat products like cottage cheese, cause there weren’t anything else. Then the protein drinks were implemented. They provided body with many necessary substances but it was so monotonous to drink it all the time. People with lactose-intolerance also didn’t have a big choice of diet products. Now, everything has changed. The shop shelves are full of such products. Sometimes I even think that there are more of them than the normal products. Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers food was created especially for people with weight problems. You don’t have to starve if you want to be slimmer. There are plenty of products which substitute the normal ones, e.g. diet mayo, diet dinners, diet margarine, diet meats, diet drinks and many others. You can even find something in the freezer section. There are these Weight Watchers bars which are both delicious and fat-low. If you like milk, you don’t have to drink the whole one. You can find a non-fat milk or m1% milk. If you don’t like the taste of the diet milk you can try to get used to it. You can mix the whole milk with the diet one and every day you can add a little bit more of the diet one and a little bit less of the whole one. It really works and you are getting slimmer.
There are also some special sweeteners like Splenda. They taste really good and have less calories that normal sugar. Maybe they are not so good for baking but are good for fresh food, tea or coffee. On the shelves you can also find the salad spritzers. You can spray your salad with that and it tastes delicious and allows you to avoid all this oil. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also vital in a diet. You should eat a lot of such products instead of fat and sugar. You should also be careful with the quantity of the things you eat. You should eat only if you feel hungry. The last thing is exercising. You have to do the exercises to use all the calories you eat. Even if you are in pain you should try to do something. If you feel good enough to walk then you should walk. Maybe you can swim or just stretch a little. Everything counts.
Losing weight will not only influence positively your physical health but also your mood and self-esteem. So, if you want to get on diet you should start right now. And try not to allow the temptation to destroy your aim. Despite my illness I’m still a woman and I want to look good. I have no control over my illness and over many things in my life. But weight isn’t one of them.

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