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I have been getting this question a lot lately as people are starting to transition to a more Paleo style of eating.

How do I fight off my sugar cravings?

252703_10100260406465350_1409232205_n “comfort food” you will often run to it when times get rough.

Make sure you make your meals flavorful and satisfying and try to come up with healthy indulgences that will help you get past the afternoon slump.

4. Get plenty of exercise!

As research as shown, sugar raises serotonin levels and that can get those cravings going. Exercise also raises serotonin levels. So try to schedule your workouts when you have your strongest sugar cravings. If you can’t get away from work, try stepping away for a few minutes and do some squats in the bathroom stall or run up a couple flights of stairs to combat your cravings.

Now these are 4 tips to help you conquer your sweet cravings, but make sure you remember this…..

It takes roughly 3-4 weeks and every time you give into your sweet cravings it knocks you back to square one!

Stay strong and let me know if there is any way I can help!

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