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Up until two months ago, the only person I got Twitter mobile alerts from was Valerie, because, well, bffs4lyfe.

(I guess if we’re being honest, I did have Paul Danahar on mobile notifications last November during the Gaza conflict, because he was reporting right out of Gaza city and had some really good updates. But after things quieted down in the Gaza strip, I turned notifications from him off, because, meh, regular news.)

Since I approach human interaction with the emotional maturity of a middle schooler, I have this thing about mobile notifications from Twitter.  Like winking smiley faces, I just assumed they meant LOVE.  Or at least great interest (looking at you and your Gaza updates, Danahar).  Or a lack of proficiency in technology (shoutout to everyone still texting 40404 to tweet).

But then everything changed.

I was sitting at dinner one night, talking about Twitter with my brother, and he said “I tweeted two weeks ago?! Didn’t you see?” I didn’t, because it was literally one in a million, and since I don’t want to miss Zayn’s monthly tweet, I put him on mobile alerts.

And then Celie moved in with us, and I made the executive decision that roommates get mobile alerts treatment, and then Kent told me he had me and Valerie on mobile alerts and we pretty much singlehandedly convinced him to resurrect his Twitter account anyway, so now he’s on alerts too.

So now I get mobile notifications from FOUR PEOPLE. And it’s pretty much the best.

For example, Zayn just said this and my phone knew that I cared:


Like this:


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