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August 13, 2012
Guy Hanson


Concealer – Fairly Light
For blemishes,
problem areas, pigmentation and neutralizing eye lids.Tip a small amount
in to the lid and apply with a damp concealer brush on each
blemished/pigmented area as well as eye lids and blend with a sponge
until you have a smoothed look.

Concealer – Bright Eyes
For darkness under
eyes, pigmentation and neutralizing eye lids. Tip a small amount in to
the lid and apply with a damp concealer brush all around the dark area
as well as the sides of the nose and eyelids (avoid the bridge of the
nose) and blend with a sponge until got a smoothed look. It should look
slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Concealer – Colour Corrector
For redness in skin.
Tip a very small amount in to lid and apply with a damp concealer brush
to the areas where redness occurs.  Blend thoroughly with a sponge until
blended right in to the skin.  It is important not to over apply as
this could create a green shade to the skin even after foundation is

This is such a
magical product, because of its high pigmentation it gives such a light
and natural coverage, You wouldn’t think you had any foundation on at
all. It has light reflecting properties to give a lovely radiant
youthful glow.  It gives a sun protection factor of 15 and  lasts all

Tip a small amount of
the foundation in to the lid and swirl the kabuki brush around the lid
so that all the product is covering it, tap the brush on the side of the
lid with the bristles facing up so that the product gets down in to the
bristles and isn’t laying on the top of them.  

Apply all around the face in a swirling motion, blending it in to the
skin all over face including eye lids for quite a while until it totally
evens out skin tone and covers concealed areas and gives a natural

You may find you need to either repeat the application depending on skin type and type of coverage you want.

Finishing Powder
This translucent
product contains rice powder so is great for absorbing oils and sweat
from the skin therefore helping to set the foundation and allow it to
last even longer and make it sweat and tear proof.   It is also great as
a base on eyelids before applying eye shadow for the same reasons. It
can also be good for filling fine lines.

Tip a small amount in to the lid and using either a face brush or kabuki
brush apply loosely around the whole face making sure also cover eye

After you have evened
out your skin tone with the foundation and finishing powder this is a
lovely product to contour your face to enhance all your great features
and give you a lovely radiant glow.
Tip a small amount into the lid and, using a flat kabuki brush swirl it
around the lid until the product is spread evenly on the top, again tap
it down in to the bristles.  Start by dabbing gently on the top of each
cheek bone, then on t-zone, forehead and chin and then blend in these
areas and then around face until given a natural darker look in the
areas that would naturally catch the sun.

Our range of shimmer
and matt blusher shades give a lovely healthy and radiant look.  They
can also be used as a lip sticks and eye shadows.

Tip a small amount in to the lid and using a cheek brush swirl around
the lid and tap the product in to the brush.  Smile to allow the apples
of your cheeks to be visible and apply the product firstly to the apples
and blend outwards.

This is a great product to give an extra healthy glow on cheeks over blusher or on its own.  Great to use day or evening.

Tip a small amount in to the lid and using the cheek brush swirl around the lid and tap and blend on each cheek.

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