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Alprazolam (perhaps better known by the trade name
Xanax)is FDA approved for the treatment of panic disorder,
for the management of anxiety disorders, or short-term
relief of symptoms of anxiety. It is used for all of these
and depression-related anxiety as well as (in conjunction
with other drugs) to treat nausea and vomiting resulting
from chemotherapy. It may also be used for treatment of The
drug is effectively used for moderate to more severe panic
attacks and anxiety. The benzodiazepine possesses sedative,
anxiolytic, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, skeletal muscle
relaxant, and amnestic properties.

The drug is generally used for periods of up to eight months
without reported loss of benefit for most indications.
Alprazolam is said to lose its sedative benefit within a
couple of days, however. It is controversial whether or not
the anxiolytic and antipanic properties decline as a patient
continues usage. If treatment with the drug ceases abruptly,
there is said to be risk of withdrawal and/or rebound
symptoms. The most effective measure to counteract these
potential issues is to gradually reduce the dosage as one
discontinues usage.

Alprazolam is reportedly the most prescribed and also the
most misused benzodiazepine in United States pharmaceutical
retail. In Australia, it is no longer recommended for the
treatment of panic disorder because of concern regarding the
potential tolerance, abuse, and dependence. In the UK it is
approved and recommended for treatment of severe acute
anxiety for periods from two to four weeks, but is available
only by private prescription.

Some especially interesting facts exist about alprazolam.
For instance, concentrations of the drug may be reduced by
as much as 50% in smokers, as compared to non-smoking
individuals. Also, the half-life and also the maximal
concentrations of the drug are aproximately 15 to 20% higher
in Asians, as compared to Caucasians. Suprisingly, gender
has no effect on the drug’s concentrations or half-life (its

In studies of overweight individuals taking the drug, the
half-life was extended by as much as 30% when compared to
individuals of a healthy weight. Similarly, the half-life of
the drug was also affected by lengthening it by up to 30% in
the elderly. In studies of individuals with advanced liver
disease the half-life of the drug has varied heavily, at
times less than the lower limit of healthy patients and at
times up to over 50% over the upper limit! Other drugs, most
notably oral contraceptives, increase the half-life by 29%.

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