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Health care reform is a new feature came into practice after Obama won the political battle. This is a very new service available to all Americans but hardly any have the knowledge of health care reform, this article totally aims at informing the American people about health care reform and the advantages they are about to receive due to approval of this plan. In this article I have listed all the benefits you are going to receive form health care reform below.
With the help of health care reform you will receive more Medicare benefits, donut hole was very notorious part of medical part d instruction drug advantage and of distress to many people who have united a Part D drug plan. But now you can get an instant 250$ refund if you hit the donut hole. Another big advantage of heath care reform is there will no fees for senior citizens this will facilitate the senior citizens to visit doctor without any worry of the cost because it will be available for free.
In the next 10 years the medical bill cuts deficits by 130 billion dollars and more impressive it cuts 1.3 trillion dollar in next 20 years. The biggest news for small business mans are there will immediately be new tax credit which will pay up to 35% of the health insurance costs of employees. By 2014 that number will be up to 50%. This will be a huge tax cut for small businesses so when the Republicans are running against this bill they are running for a huge tax increase on small businesses.
Obama health care has established varied sentiments from people all over the nation. Some are in favor and others feel that the government has completely taken control of their rights. For the middle class Americans, many trusts Obama care will unfavorably affect themselves and the upper class. While it does make important changes to our current system, every class will be exaggerated in one way or another. These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of Obama health care reform. Hope this article helped you in getting helpful information, if you have any questions or doubt please feel free to contact us or explore our website for more information on health care reform.

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