Hi Lovelies

If you follow me on ” you’ve already seen a few of these pictures, but yes I straightened my baby girl’s hair for the first time at the end of  December. (my apologies for the late post) She just turned seven and some of your may remember I was completely oblivious when it came to caring for my daughter’s natural hair. So after I began my journey, I did research on how to properly care for her hair. I must say her hair has been thanking me ever since. My daughter’s hair has flourished to nearly hip length. It’s great to look at where her hair has come from. I’m leaning more towards straightening her hair once a year just for fun. She absolutely LOVES her natural hair and after about a while she was ready to wash her hair to get her curls back, which I admired because I LOVE that she loves her curls so much. Check out the pictures below, She went from this
   Until Next Ladies 
~Special K

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