Is the winner of the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2009 is the Heart of Love River is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. two artificial lakes that are designed with an organic form, be similar to the heart, because it is separated by a road, which is located at the intersection of two main roads Baoai 1 st  and Tungmun 1 st . Is the purpose of the Mayor of Kaohsiung to change the upstream Love River (Ai River local language) previously  its not become a highly functional area. In addition to city residents recreational facilities, the pool also for flood control as well as ecological conservation. For local governments that are willing to pour funds amounting to 170 million Taiwan dollars, equivalent to Rp51 billion.” that began in 2006 and can be enjoyed year later it is touted as a revolutionary project in the environmental field, not only for Kaohsiung, Taiwan as well. Why so called, because the previous area of 2,792.66 km ВІ of it already has a flood control system that relies on the river Flood control system is built in conjunction with the river cleanup program in 1979. The problem is, the system did not work properly due to the ongoing annual extreme weather. As a result the process of cleaning the river to be in vain, because when the doors open water, polluted river water. That is then a flood control system by creating two lakes.Both lakes were connected by a bridge designed by Malone Chang Architects and  ” was by a team of Tien-Hun Engineering Consultant Inc.. 750 meter long bridge and 60 thousand m2 was crossing the road dividing the lake before, and formed twisted, as if the main artery of the heart. By design, from this bridge we could enjoy the landscape in Kaohsiung 360-degree viewing angle.In a section on one side of the Love River is also now established a vast public space. In addition to any playground,  pier,  also provided a semi open hall, which can be used to stage the event local creations. Public areas of the city park on the banks of this river before the warehousing Taiwan Sugar Company. Actively designed, this park is equipped with a wide pedestrian, sports arenas and bike paths. Road train that used to transport the cane away, but the track is converted to a bike path, including the bridge that crosses the road, Almost every morning and evening, Yancheng District residents visited the park for exercise, or chatting with family. The park is also connected with the gardens at several points along the river Ai by bicycle and pedestrian paths earlier. Revitalization is what makes Heart of Love River won the prestigious award in the category of Environmental (Rehabilitation / Conservation). This category is to reward projects that are dedicated to improving the environment, such as former mining areas, rivers are polluted,  land fill  or tract of land that does not use industrial designation again .whatever  things judged by an international jury of this class, in addition to architectural design and construction, as well as the impact on the environment, “, and most importantly the benefits to the community where the project is located

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